Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Recoil

Ex Depeche Mode synth player/just-about-everything-else-despite-getting-no-respect-from-Martin-Gore wizard Alan Wilder, in Recoil guise, has just announced a new album for spring 2010 release - the brief announcement from the website is reproduced below:

"Recoil is set to release an album in the Spring of 2010 entitled 'Selected'. The exact date is still to be confirmed but it will most likely be in April or May. This release is a selection of classic Recoil tracks chosen by Alan Wilder who says: "The collection is made up of my personal favourites, remastered and edited together into what I consider a cohesive and total listening experience."

So far, the 'Selected' formats have been confirmed as a single CD version as well as a double pack CD. The double CD will feature a second disc including many new remixes and alternative versions, again chosen and edited together by Alan and Paul Kendall."

That'll be a greatest hits of sorts, then, plus a cryptically named "Recoil Events" tour announced for the US and Europe. Assuming that's an actual tour with music, good news.

"Allelujah", off 2007's subHuman, below, plus some bloke getting hit in the bollocks by a big gun, which also came up when I searched YouTube for "recoil".

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