Monday, January 4, 2010

Cape Cod Tosser Tosser

Three choice quotes from the Vampire Weekend feature in the latest New Yorker.

"For people who think that Vampire Weekend is making music that's inauthentic to us, the question is, 'What is authentic to us?' Is it the Rolling Stones - some version of black Southern music?"

"I always like when the kids bring their parents. That's what we're going for - it should be mature and catchy enough so that old people can get down with it. And fresh enough so young kids can get down with it."

"A good pop record is something we can all get behind" - just prior to introducing Miley Cyrus on MTV's Hitlist.

Vampire Weekend make Snow Patrol look like Black fucking Flag. There's more rock'n'roll in one of Shakira's sanitary napkins than this entire shower of toss.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you. I'm glad someone has finally called these bedwetters to task.
    Reminds me of Haircut 100. Ask your Dad.
    Bag of wank.