Sunday, November 23, 2008

Springsteen/Suicide Split 10"

Probably the most unlikely split single since Faith Hill and Anal Cunt teamed up for a live EP,* this new limited 10"/download on Blast First Petite (also available digitally from Amazon, eMusic, iTunes) finds Springsteen handling the cover of Suicide's Dream Baby Dream he performed as an encore on his 2005 Devils & Dust tour backed with a live Suicide take on the same track from 1978 and a cover of Mr. Ray by contemporary but defunct NYC band Beat The Devil. Worth the download - the first version is a great one, with Springsteen accompanying himself on pump organ (different/similar version on You Tube below). The Suicide version is, of course, Suicide, with Vega in more restrained mode than usual - see below for the original TV clip of that performance. I'd like to hear the Boss's cover of Frankie Teardrop now, please.

This is the first release in a series of monthly 10" singles commemorating Alan Vega's 70th - later releases feature Primal Scream, Lydia Lunch (doing Frankie Teardrop; should be terrifying), and Gavin Friday with Soft Cell's Dave Ball covering Ghostrider, a track Soft Cell occasionally covered live.

*isn't true

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