Sunday, November 23, 2008

128 Guitarists contributed to Chinese Democracy. Which one was allowed to typeset the cover?

You might have thought, having spent 17 years recording the same 14 tracks with 96 guitarists in 14 studios, that Axl Rose might have found someone who had more than 5 minutes free to design 1 album cover. This is the most cack-handed display of typefuckery recently seen on a major release.* Bog-standard stroke treatment (I don't want to come over all You Suck At Photoshop, but let's not cut corners by leaning on the built in styles...) and rotten alignment, and then, the crowning turd, the utterly unnecessary logo thing down the bottom that looks like a couple of particularly slow-witted 14 year old anime fans decided to start a video game studio, and none of it bears any relation to the inevitable Chairman Mao/Chinese restaurant motif deployed throughout the booklet.

*outside of the Paintshop Pro stylings of Brad Paisley's new release. Seriously.  That's the actual cover.

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