Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gaslight Anthem: Pitchfork Gets One Right

Pitchfork's reviews typically suggest that the reviewer spent far less time enjoying the music they're reviewing than wondering if they're supposed to be enjoying it, wondering how to express that in as many words as possible, and calculating exactly how many fractions of a point to knock off the ludicrously specific score for a drum fill they don't feel culturally relevant. They took their bleeding time getting to The Gaslight Anthem's second album but made up for it with a review that's absolutely spot on in every respect. Brilliant album, well up there with the best of the year. Available on nice crackly vinyl, which suits it. It really ought to be available on worn-out cassette too because it sounds like it should be blasting out of a rusted-out '72 Chevelle with a vinyl roof and a busted muffler.

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