Friday, November 28, 2008

Amazon Black Friday - Back Catalog Time

Amazon's Black Friday music sale has some decent deals, including a 2-for-$10 section that includes the sort of 60s and 70s back catalog stuff you never get round to normally buying.  Most of Dylan's early stuff is here, along with the first few Springsteen albums (and the essential Nebraska), classic-era Willie Nelson (Red Headed Stranger, Shotgun Willie, Phases & Stages, Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison, and so forth.  And apparently every album Dolly Parton ever recorded with Kenny Rogers (43 of them, from the bone-chilling look of it), but surely you have all those already, as well as a job lot of those shit-awful generic  Gold/Collection/Ultimate comps.

The $6.99 threshold shifts the timeline up a decade or so - first four Ramones albums, Talking Heads Remain In Light, the self-titled Violent Femmes debut and a couple of Depeche Mode single-disc reissues. All worth a flutter.  The wife and kids won't be getting Christmas presents as I've just spent all the money, but by God they'll have some decent tunes to listen to.

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