Monday, July 19, 2010

Samples of New OMD Tracks

OMD's first album for 14 years (and 24 since the last effort from this, the original McClusky/Humphreys/Some Other People line-up), History Of Modern, is out in September, complete with regulation Peter Saville cover. Snazzy t-shirt in the box set, but then it fucking well ought to be for fifty quid.

Quite looking forward to this, actually. OMD's first run of three or four albums remain early new wave/synthpop classics, particularly the peerless Architecture & Morality, and even their shit period threw up the odd classic, though not quite enough to remove the memory of the abomination that is Locomotion.

Two one-minute samples posted below suggest a sound pitched about midway between the band's early 80s prime and their somewhat less distinguished late 80s US top 40 run. Below that, "History of Modern Part 2" in its entirety, lifted off BBC 6. At the very bottom, "Electricity" live in 1981, simply to showcase the timeless joyful twattery that is the Andy McCluskey bass player dance. Brilliant.


  1. I'm terribly sorry, but Dreaming is in no way a classic. Awful. God. No.

  2. Classic might be a tiny bit strong, but I've always had a soft spot and God knows there's not much else at that end of the discography...

  3. Yes. Side A of best of is great. Side B sucks. Simple as that.