Thursday, June 3, 2010


Terry Hall's post Fun Boy Three group have just seen their only two albums re-released, presumably to capitalize on The Specials reunion. Virgins & Philistines came out in 1985, preceded by a couple of singles including "Thinking of You" (Live, Whistle Test, hilarious trousers, rare display of grinning, below). Highlights included "Take", a savage breakup song that completes the hopeless (un)romantic cycle begun by Fun Boy Three's equally cynical "Tunnel of Love". The reissue includes 1986's Colour Field (yes, two words, no, don't know why) EP.

Also reissued is 1987's Deception, a radically different album largely recorded with session musicians. All but ignored on its debut, the highlight is "Miss Texas 1967", below. Five bonus tracks on the reissue including "Monkey In Winter" featuring a narrowly pre-fame Sinead O'Connor.

Update 10:21pm - good article on the reissue over at The Quietus, though Deception is somewhat unjustly maligned (actually it's largely justly, but a couple of standouts are present; see above). The article mentions some choice lyrics, but misses the brilliant "I took the passion from compassion/I needed the rest/From telling you you looked attractive/Each time you undressed" from "Take".

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