Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wind The Record Player Up

Skinny Puppy's 1992 Last Rights, arguably their best album (yes I know I know Too Dark Park FUCK OFF FUCK OFF) will be re-released on double gatefold vinyl on November 10th, according to the band's website, which also points out, rather ominously, that they're not sure what the cover artwork will be, which strongly suggest the band's got no involvement in the project.

Disappointingly, the reissue won't contain the infamous Track 10/"Left Hand Shake", pulled from the original release (and all subsequent issues) at the last minute due to clearance issues with some Timothy Leary samples. The song was later made officially available on a standalone vinyl release and the European edition of odds'n'sods collection Brap, so the absence here is rather frustrating, particularly since I'd assume anyone interested these days has already incorporated the track into their iPod running order, burned version, etc.

In other Puppy news, the band kicks off its Inn Solvent See Tour October 30th, the name presumably a reference to the fact that its record label SPV is too fucking skint/bankrupt/useless/dead to release their completed new album in support of said gigs. What that does to the setlist is anyone's guess; here's hoping they don't lean too heavily on 2007's disappointing Mythmaker. Below, "Inquisition" from Last Rights with visuals from that tour's infamous backing video.

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