Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Long-awaited Kraftwerk reissues finally out this month, although the first three albums, neglected as usual, aren't included, with the remastering/repackaging (including annoyingly revised artwork in some cases) treatment limited to Radio-activity, Autobahn, Trans Europe Express, The Man Machine, Computer World, Techno-pop (formerly Electric Cafe) plus 1991's relatively pointless The Mix and 2003's Tour De France Soundtracks.

Big expensive box set (The Catalog) with CD-sized replicas of the vinyl artwork available next month, along with a hysterically expensive German version (Der Katalog) of same, which appears to be the only place to get the German-language versions of the albums. The box is apparently the only way for US-based persons to pick up Computer World, Techno-pop and The Mix due to licensing issues, which makes the essential Computer World an expensive reason to pick up the box. Vinyl is on its way too. Drowned In Sound has a thoughtful series of reviews of the new editions. German version of 1978's "The Model" below.

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