Monday, July 13, 2009


The miracle of YouTube produces more magic - here's Canada's Images In Vogue performing "Call It Love" sometime in the early 80s. This fairly typical bit of first-wave synthpop is made considerably more entertaining by the presence of Skinny Puppy mastermind cEvin Key there in the back on the drums, just behind the dodgy bloke impersonating a german Peter Murphy impersonator dressed as a german Robert Smith impersonator. The question "Is there a more embarrassing 80s clip than Ministry's Same Old Madness?" has just been definitively answered. Next up, Genesis P-Orridge's stint as slap-bass player in Level 42. Presumably.

Below, by scant way of compensation, is Key no more than three short years later banging away on all sorts of hardware as part of Skinny Puppy. Changed the music, but clearly there was only one hairdresser in Vancouver in the 80s.

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