Friday, April 10, 2009

Random YouTube Friday
The Specials - A Message To You, Rudy

The reunited Specials (minus Jerry Dammers) from Later with Jools Holland. Terry Hall's been at the pies from the look of it, but still manages to exude that effortless sense of joie de vivre that has been the hallmark of his personality for nearly 30 years. All good fun, and the band's debut and the "Ghost Town" single are absolute classics, but the reunion feels somewhat pointless, particularly for a band whose music at its strongest was inextricably rooted in current events. I'd go and see them mind, if only to hear Hall sneer gems like

I won't dance in a club like this
All the girls are slags
And the beer tastes like piss

1 comment:

  1. Pies? Is this in widescreen?

    Looks like a bored pub band. Not sure. The difference between reunion and covers band is a slim one.