Saturday, April 18, 2009

Platte In Merhfarbigem Vinyl

Saturday April 18th is Record Store Day so get thee down the shops and pick up some limited edition stuff prepared all special-like for the event. Highlights include a series of Radiohead 10" singles, split Sonic Youth/Jay Reatard & Sonic Youth/Beck 7" singles, a variety of 7" reissues from artists including The Smiths, Jane's Addiction and New Order, Depeche Mode's "Wrong" on colored 7" vinyl, and my favorite, at least from a packaging standpoint, Slayer's new single "Psychopathy Red" in red vinyl packaged in a cryptic/top secret manilla envelope with all copy written entirely in Russian. You don't get this sort of thing with your stupid fucking mp3 downloads, do you kids?

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