Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Release Tuesday: 4/7

New Doves, already getting some strong reviews, is the main attraction this week - the iTunes version of Kingdom Of Rust includes two extra tracks and a PDF.

Fans of visceral, aggressive black metal will no doubt enjoy the Erasure Total Pop box set, which includes the essential 1992 comp Pop - The First 20 Hits, the arguably inessential Pop 2, collecting all those singles you didn't buy or probably ever hear after about 1992, a live disc spanning the band's career, and the probably fucking hysterical and certainly nauseatingly sweaty DVD compiling about 30 BBC television performances. Reviews on both of these soon, honest. Also, EMI's attempt to turn a profit by raping Mute continues with the first four Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds albums re-released as CD/DVD combos a la Depeche Mode.

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