Monday, February 2, 2009

UPDATED: Persuasion USA - TG On Tour

Fans of good-time, upbeat Top 40 type music will be appalled to discover that various sites, all leading back to The Daily Swarm as the source, report that Throbbing Gristle will play the US for the first and only time since 1981 this year, with dates currently scheduled in April for New York City, LA (Coachella), San Francisco and Chicago. Tickets for NYC, which apparently includes an afternoon and evening set, are already on sale. Super Bowl half-time show presumably not on the cards. Anyone up for a road trip?

UPDATE 2/4: TG website has the full details along with a shiny new logo, reproduced above.  NY and Chicago both include two sets - first is "In The Shadow Of The Sun" soundtrack, second is a "greatest hits"/career-spanning affair. I'm off to Chicago.

UPDATE UPDATE 2/4: Tickets? Got 'em. Hells yes.

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