Saturday, February 21, 2009

Random YouTube Friday Saturday
Pet Shop Boys - Kings Cross

New PSB album out next month. Haven't bought one in 10 years or more, and I shouldn't think I'll bother this time round either, but their first three albums aren't far short of classic (1990's Behaviour isn't short at at all), and I'd stack up the first three dozen or so singles against almost anyone's. Below, the haunting "King's Cross" off 1987's Actually, video directed by Derek Jarman, followed by the nine-minute hits medley at this week's Brit Awards, a nice idea marred by some dreadful clothing decisions, the wholly unnecessary Lady Gaga, FUCKING BRANDON FUCKING FLOWERS and Tennant's increasingly affected/nasal/transatlantic vocal stylings (stop emoting. You're supposed to be deadpan. You too, Gahan).

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