Thursday, February 12, 2009

Doc Dart featured in Vice Magazine

Fascinating/tragic feature on troubled ex-Crucifucks lead singer Doc Dart, now going by the moniker 26, in this month's Vice. Read the whole thing here. The '92 Our Will Be Done compilation combining the first two albums is available at Amazon's MP3 store for a tenner. You can't really "enjoy" Dart's truly unique vocal stylings, combining John Lydon, Jello Biafra and Gordon Gano into one protracted nasal discharge, outside of the studio recordings, but here's the band live in Kalamazoo in 1982. Sad to read about his descent into paranoia and apparent mental illness, but all you need to know to love this man is that he apparently once vomited from the stage directly onto a trio of skinheads at CBGB's.

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