Friday, January 30, 2009

Mode Tracklisting

Depeche Mode have released the track-listing for the forthcoming, inelegantly titled Sounds of the Universe, out April 20th.
  1. In Chains
  2. Hole To Feed
  3. Wrong 
  4. Fragile Tension
  5. Little Soul
  6. In Sympathy
  7. Peace
  8. Come Back
  9. Spacewalker
  10. Perfect
  11. Miles Away/The Truth Is
  12. Jezebel
  13. Corrupt
Album sounds promising* - produced by Ben Hillier, who oversaw 2005's Playing The Angel, easily DM's best album for a decade. Partly the fruits of Martin Gore's recent obsession with vintage analog gear, it's apparently more electronic than recent efforts, and, although no-one's released a song count, it sounds like Dave Gahan contributed more than a couple of tracks to the album - given the progress in his songwriting suggested by 2006's solo Hourglass, that's not bad news. Thirteen tracks in total; not clear whether that includes dodgy instrumental linking bits, but it presumably includes two of Martin Gore's increasingly histrionic lead vocals.

April 6th sees the release of first single, "Wrong", presumably followed by a punishingly long tour of the world's arenas. Hopefully this time without The Bravery shitting things up as hopelessly-out-of-depth opening band.

*Better than the latest logo, one hopes, which is poo.

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