Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Songs Of The Year: Toadies - So Long Lovey Eyes

Fort Worth's own Toadies finally stopped doing the annual Dallas St. Patrick's Day prick-tease thing and got back together properly for a whole (excellent) album, No Deliverance, this year, with a US tour that included a stop at Possum Kingdom Lake, out in the middle of fucking nowhere 60 miles west of FW, and the inspiration for the title of their biggest hit. You can see "Possum Kingdom" live at Possum Kingdom at Spin but the bastards won't let you embed it.

The leadoff track from No Deliverance was classic Rubberneck era Toadies - a touch of punk, a little Pixies, and a dash of chicken-wire Texas bar band. Entertainingly, it starts out like "Plane Crash," the lead track off their previous album, 2001's Hell Below/Stars Above, with a grungy riff erupting from the right speaker before the band rides in on top of a snare that's being beaten all to shittery. Vaden Todd Lewis drawls through the verses before demonstrating he can scream just as loud as ever on the chorus, and the rest of the band is on top form. Like they'd never been away, etc. Fucking hell they were good live this year too.

Live version of "So Long Lovey Eyes" below, followed by a live version of "Doll Skin" off Hell Below live in San Francisco in September.

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