Friday, December 19, 2008

Random YouTube Friday:
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine

Brixton's criminally underappreciated synthpunks live in Zagreb, Croatia in 1994 playing "Falling On A Bruise/The Final Comedown" off their finest hour, 1991's 30 Something (amazingly, in stock on Amazon and available on iTunes - off you go). The gig ended up on a bonus disc with 1995's Worry Bomb, by which time Carter had essentially stopped bothering the charts. Below that, "Re-educating Rita" from the same gig. 

Carter mixed social commentary, groan-inducing puns and gratuitous south London references with punk guitar and Korg basslines. They also performed a valuable public service by physically assaulting  Philip Schofield at the 1991 Smash Hits awards.  These days they get back together very very occasionally and sell out the Brixton Academy. I saw them live in Dallas on the Love Album tour in 1992 before they acquired the unnecessary drummer. Fucking brilliant — I believe all 38 of us enjoyed it immensely.


  1. I still wish I had been one of those "38" :(

  2. Give it up boys. The only reason Carter is worth a mention is that they were only slightly less worse than everything out at the time. A barren, deserted era for music. Jesus - this is the time that Wonder Stuff had a number one. Talk about that dark times.

    Let's have a row.

  3. Roast arse and buttered bollocks. They're part of a lineage of English socio-political commentary that goes back through The Kinks and The Jam, and the finest British singles band since the latter. In fact, unless there's documentary footage somewhere consisting of Bruce Foxton applying a firm beating to Maggie Philbin with a stout length of birch or Ray Davies twatting Johnny Ball, I'm prepared to offer the stunningly argumentative and utterly indefensible claim that Carter was better than both.